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Welcome to the world of Augmented

We are:

Innovative technology that upgrades your business!

Let us bring Augmented Reality (AR) and its possibilities closer to you...

What will we do for you?

We will invest all our experience and knowledge of the technology that is already changing the world in creating an innovative custom-made product, a unique application for your business model and your specific needs in order to help you reach new levels of presentation and sales!

For you and your clients, this is a completely new experience and a completely new way of presenting and promoting your product. Depending on the type of your business, your clients will have the opportunity to:

  • Move around the apartment you are selling
  • Virtually move around the overall building
  • Choose furniture
  • Try on a piece of jewelry
  • Choose their hotel room
  • Enter the car they desire...

What do clients get?

A clearer understanding of the final product, by getting a complete image and representation of the product or the service

Ideas and insights into how the product will fit into their everyday lives

Easier communication with the sales team – an investment that is worth much more than any marketing product!

You have certainly heard of AR / VR / MR. Everywhere around you, on all digital platforms there are ads and videos about this still abstract and exotic technology. You are probably wondering what are all those smart glasses and displays used for and how the “enriched” reality affects perception?

We can conclude that Augmented Reality complements the physical real world with layers of digital information and provides a direct overview of the real environment by adding sounds, videos and graphics. In translation, it enriches the perception of reality with sophisticated computer-generated images and animations.

The second thing that you will ask, and which at the same time interests you most is:

“How can I use this technology for my business and profit?”

Your clients have the unique opportunity, in an exciting and interactive way, not only to learn about your product, but also to experience it! This means that they will get an idea of what your product is about in a faster and more efficient manner, and through the screen of their phone, which also means that they will buy the product much faster!


You are introducing the most advanced technology into the lives of your clients and this is something they will recognize you for. So, be revolutionary, be pioneers who will build an image of their company as an innovative one and as a company oriented towards a better user experience.


Contact us today, we will present you with all the advantages of Augmented Reality and implement it in your business so that you can immediately feel the benefits of its practical application!

What do you get?

A high-tech tool that offers more advantages than the current marketing strategies!


Satisfied clients who know exactly what they want and what kind of product they will get!

Increased efficiency, and thus saved time, money and resources.

Faster realisation, that is, increased sales and a growing base of satisfied clients who will gladly recommend you! 

Activities where Augmented Reality is applicable:

  • Furniture manufacturing and sales
  • Architecture and real estate business
  • Jewelry sales
  • Catering / restaurants / fast food restaurants
  • E-commerce
  • Tourism / destinations data, browsing of buildings, navigation, directions
  • Mass media – broadcasting and enriched experience in broadcasting live events, streaming by overlapping the real content with elements of AR and so on
  • Industrial design: design and modeling, visualization, calculations

Be innovative!

We are here to build your app! – brand of


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