Augmented Reality in teaching and education

Augmented Reality is already being used in education, by successfully connecting reality and digital content, which opens more options for teachers and students.

AR has the potential to change the location and time of study, but also to introduce new and additional ways and methods of learning. The capabilities of the technology to enrich reality can make classes more concrete and interactive, and the information more easily acceptable for students.

If you are an educational institution, take a look at the multiple benefits and get inspired on how to improve your educational content through the AR app that we will develop especially for you!

AR classroom

Augmented content attracts the attention of students and motivates them to study. Adding additional data (short bio for a particular person, fun facts, historical data on a location or events, visual 3D models) enables students to have a broader understanding of the topics. Students can scan different elements from the books and get advice on texts, audio or video from the teachers.

Easy explanation of abstract concepts

AR technology displays contents as 3D models, which makes it easier to understand abstract and difficult content. For example, the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria in Portugal integrates enriched reality into math lessons, which students find to be useful, easy and interesting.

Discover and learn

Museum visitors can use the AR app to discover historical content related to certain objects and receive additional information while enjoying the exhibits.

Modeling objects

AR apps offer interaction with 3D models, which for medical students for example represents a precise method of studying the human anatomy, enriched with additional settings for rotation, transparency, color scheme, styles and the like. Medicine is just one of the many areas where this method can be put into practice.


Motivated and engaged students will better understand the subject, and the process of learning itself is easier and more interesting when using an AR app and virtual practice – with enlarged guidance, digital modeling and simulations.

Contact us today, schedule a meeting and we will present you with all the opportunities that will advance your educational process and that will turn you into an innovative educational institution that uses advanced technologies to offer top knowledge!

Be innovative!

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