How does Augmented Reality work?

AR apps usually connect digital animation with a special “marker” or with the help of GPS in phones to highlight the location. The enrichment of the reality happens in real time and in the context of the environment – that is, you witness everything that happens, while it happens. 

What does this mean as a benefit for you?

Enrich the reality with the data and information you want to present to your client regarding your business or product, through an exciting virtual experience that is truly unique! 

Most importantly – advanced technology means inspiration for advanced ideas for marketing promotion that will be remembered and that will attract and win over your clients!

Marker-based AR

Also known as “image recognition”, which works by scanning a printed QR-code or special characters. The device through the AR app calculates the position and orientation of the marker and initiates digital animations, whereby the images from the magazine are immediately transformed into 3D models and animations. This is an excellent opportunity to intrigue your future client who will immediately want to learn the content hidden behind the code!

Markerless AR

In this case, the enriched reality is based on location or position. The AR app uses the GPS, compass, gyroscope and accelerometer in the phone to provide data based on current location. This data then determines the content that your client will receive when located in that particular area. This means that the AR app will direct your client to your headquarters, salon or offices or inform them about the availability of your product in accordance with the current location. This is another way for you to be constantly available to your clients, wherever they are!

Projection-based AR

It basically refers to designing synthetic light on physical surfaces, and in some cases interacting with it. Simply put, you present your product to clients who without blinking enjoy a 3D projection and animation in which your product plays the main role. With such a strong presentation that excites the senses, half of the sales has already been made! It is an excellent opportunity for you to present yourself as innovative and exciting before your customers! So, contact us today, and we will take care of everything else.

Superimposition-based Augmented Reality

In this case, Augmented Reality displays your product fully or partially enlarged! This way, you can place your products in the homes of your clients. Or better yet, you will present your product as an existing part of the lives of your clients!

Be innovative!

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